Wall Decals and Wall Stickers for your Interior Designing needs!

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Wall decals are becoming very popular in Asian countries. The trend of use wall stickers to decorate walls started in Europe and it has become the MUST for interior designing in western countries. Why is that so? It is simply because using decals to decorate your house is so much CHEAPER, FASTER than paiting and most importantly they are removable.
Over the years, we have eastablished a large and diversed distribution channel in North East Asia. NOW - we are here in South East Asia(located in Singapore) to serve you better.

Monthly Specials For January

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$65.00  $51.99
Save: 20% off
$42.00  $32.99
Save: 21% off
Our decals are made of high quality vinyl with long life span and easy removability, perfect for your home interior decor. They can be applied on almost all oil free flat surfaces like wall, glass, table, laptop etc. You have to be aware the nature of the decals that you are buying, some of them are for industry use and cannot be applied on walls as it will peel off the paint easily. You can rest assure that our decal is designed specially for homes. 
However, there is a small percentage of wall paints that are not suitable for decals as there is teflon coating in it. One way to make sure that your wall is suitable is to request a FREE SAMPLE to test on your wall when you checkout. For more information, please see our detailed shipping options.

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